Owner / Designer

Bianca Jones

Dip. Interior Design and Decoration – RMIT University

It was very evident to Bianca Jones from a young age that she would pursue a career in design. She simply knew how to ‘dress things up’ to make them look gorgeous and inspiring. It was always about DESIGN!

The thing is, I simply love design! I live it, I breathe it and my life is consumed by it. I feel so blessed to have been given the creative gene, along with the desire and motivation to want to help others feel what I feel.”

This mindset has helped Bianca develop ‘special’ relationships with her clients enabling her to create the magic that can turn a ‘house into a home’ or a commercial space, which transcends expectations. Hence, the majority of her Interior Design projects come from referrals.

Being passionate about creating good, functional design, Bianca stands by her convictions, “I get frustrated by the number of poorly designed floor plans which cross my desk on a daily basis and therefore, I feel obliged to point out design deficiencies to my clients.” The re-working of poor-quality floor plans has become one of Bianca’s major strengths and one which is especially appreciated by her clients.

Bianca believes that in recent times, joinery design has become an art-form in itself and hence, her meticulously thought-out cabinetry detailing, is second to none. Furniture selection and interior styling Bianca deems, “as the fun part” where creativity and client collaboration will ultimately “bring the project to life”.

Relationships with other stakeholders Bianca rates as being key to the success of every project. Architects, designers, drafts persons, landscape designers and especially builders, along with cabinet makers, electricians and tilers et al, require close consultation prior to and during the construction phase. Bianca believes “These relationships provide peace of mind to my clients, to know that their design vision is brought to fruition.

Bianca Jones has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience since beginning her design practice in 2003. “It is with this expertise, that I provide my clients with the confidence and trust to allow me to be their guiding light”.

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